I got my first iPhone app,  ChronoGami, approved for download on the App Store.  And, the approval process did take 12 days from submission to approval.

There’s a lot more to the story than that of course.  I have worked on apps for other people that have shipped out through the App Store before ChronoGami.  But I began work on ChronoGami before I worked on those, so I still think of it as my first app.  I use it myself to track time on various bits of work and my life.   (I’ve got several upgrades to deliver when I finish testing already.)  I intend to be using ChronoGami exclusively for this in the near future. Adjusting to the iPhone keyboard still proves to be a challenge for note-taking.

An ironic part of the story that makes me laugh:  I checked the status of ChronoGami just before leaving for an interview to talk about possible Mac and iPhone work.  Late in the interview, during a break, I got online and checked again.  It had been approved!  Now I had one more point to talk about in the rest of the interview.  🙂