Well,  an interesting bit of problem-solving today.

I sent a revision of an app to a client with ad-hoc distribution.  It installed just fine on one device, but would not install on the other. (The one that was going to be used to demo the product.) I double-checked that both device IDs were properly included in the provisioning profile.

After some quick re-reading, I thought the (cryptic) error might be that I forgot to send the .mobileprovision file along with the app.  One of the instruction lists showed installing the profile manually.  But when the file was emailed and isntalled, iTunes asked if it should replace the existing provisioning profile. It probably came from the app (which has a embedded.mobileprovision file in it.)

iTunes doesn’t show any information about installed profiles (that I could find) so it wasn’t clear if the provisioning profile was actually on the device.  A quick download of the iPhone Configuration Utility cleared that up.  It showed information similar to  XCode’s organizer, including the provisioning profile.

As it turns out, you can’t just send a .zip of your app straight to a Windows computer like you can on the Mac.   I haven’t seen an explanation anywhere, but it might be that the bundle contains files or folders with names that are not Windows-friendly.  Both contain a symlink file, but they seem the same.

The solution it seems is to process the app bundle into an .ipa file.  The easiest way to do this is to drop the bundle on iTunes. It will process the bundle into an ipa file.  Just control-click on the app to pull up the contextual menu and choose “Show in Finder”.   (Or go find it in the iTunes folder.)  Send that ipa file to your ad-hoc Windows users and they can drop it into their iTunes.

The errors from the iPhone log:

unknown mobile_installationd[1347] <Error>: 00808a00 install_embedded_profile: Skipping the installation of the embedded profile
unknown mobile_installationd[1347] <Error>: unrecognized status -67068 from codesigning library
unknown mobile_installationd[1347] <Error>: 00808a00 verify_executable: Could not validate signature: e8008001
unknown mobile_installationd[1347] <Error>: 00808a00 preflight_application_install: Could not verify /var/tmp/install_staging.Pav7Nw/foo_extracted/Payload/appname.app/appname
unknown mobile_installationd[1347] <Error>: 00808a00 install_application: Could not preflight application install
unknown mobile_installation_proxy[1346] <Error>: handle_install: Installation failed
unknown mobile_installationd[1347] <Error>: 00808a00 handle_install: API failed
unknown mobile_installationd[1347] <Error>: 00808a00 send_message: failed to send mach message of 64 bytes: 10000003
unknown mobile_installationd[1347] <Error>: 00808a00 send_error: Could not send error response to client

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