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Apple’s Announcement

So the conjecture goes on and on, giving pundits, reporters and analysts a solid 2-months of employment (1 before, 1 after.)  Why am I adding to the noise?  I suppose so I can point to the blog and say “I did think of that before Apple announced it.” sigh.

So what could it be?  The folks who know ain’t talking. (Much)  But I wonder….

Apple had made quite a market of entertainment in the last few years. And only recently have they made an unexpected splash in Read the rest of this entry »

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Apple Announces “Highest Earnings Ever”

In Apple’s earnings announcement, for fiscal 2010’s first quarter, they revealed a profit of 3.38 BILLION (with a “B”) dollars.  (Up from $2.26 Billion one year ago.) How many companies can say they went UP over 1 BILLION dollars in one year in a down economy?

They sold

3.36 Million Macs (up 33% from last year)
8.7 Million iPhones (up 100%)
21.0 Million iPods (down 8%)
And of course, they are to make a big announcement of a new product tomorrow (Jan 26, 2010).


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