Interesting article about Google’s purposes for buying all that dark fiber on O’Reilly Radar.

Its made more interesting by the recent GoogleTV announcement and news about “peering” deals helping them keep costs way down.

But I keep thinking about one more interesting effect:  this gives ALL of Google’s cloud services an edge in the chosen locations.   Speed and reliability of access are hurdles for cloud services.

Would people be more likely to use Google Docs, Google Groups, Google Maps, Google Mail, Google Images, Google Photo Sharing, Google etc, if they had a 1-Gigabit connection to such services?

You can bet Google Fiber customers will have the fastest connection Google can give them to these services.  Other cloud services may perform faster then before when the customer has GoogleFiber, but will still be limited by the intervening connections.

Will local businesses be more likely to offer free WiFi with such plentiful access around?   Will that give Android phones an edge?