Well, Google’s Fiber offer is almost over.

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I had a conversation on the 24th with a manager of a local Game Stop store.  I was surprised to find out that he had not heard of the Google Fiber offer.  I gave him the information I could off the top of my head.  I hope he told other Game Stop managers.

Below is the extended version of the nomination I was going to submit before seeing the “too long – 2000 char limit” error on the web page.

The Orlando area is a mix of people and companies that has surprised me many times since moving here in 2004.  The mixture of entertainment, tourism, medicine, NASA, defense companies, gaming companies, video production houses, publishers, user groups, and the huge number of creative people employed by them makes a terrific environment.

To illustrate the level of creative professionals, I would point out that there are 3 Apple Retails Stores in this area.  I’m told they are some of the most profitable in the country.  I personally have seen many travelers in those stores.  The Orlando Adobe InDesign Users Group (mostly graphic artists and publishing professionals) routinely has over 100 people in attendance at the monthly meetings.

This area will benefit heavily just from fast networking between local places:

– While doing computer support work, I have met many people who work in small businesses or for themselves.  Most of them work from home on occasion.  Some of the companies let employees work from home.  Some have satellite offices to give better service to their larger customers. All have bosses who want to work from home. All have needed my help accessing their office databases and other resources from these locations.  All would benefit from Google Fiber’s speed.

– Video shops can transfer products to sub-contractors and customers without driving drive arrays around.   One I’ve talked to reports that his company is constantly having bandwidth issues sending final product to customers out of town or overseas.

– I was told by a hospital IT guy at the local LINUX users meeting that many medical companies here already have fiber backbones within their buildings due to the huge amounts of data they are accumulating in imaging and monitoring.  Google Fiber will move the data to the doctors so the doctors can heal more patients.  I have relatives and in-laws in poor health.  So, I have an idea how important it is to have fast access to large amounts of medical data.

– I and many other consultants in the area, have used VNC and other screen-sharing programs on the internet to service computers in minutes at customer sites that would require many hours of physical travel.  These experiences are difficult occasionally because the transmission rate can be so slow because of low upload speeds at the client’s end.  Google’s high-speed network would make that much easier.  Support could be accomplished even faster (making smaller hourly invoices for customers, or allowing us to address more of their questions in the same time.)

– sharing files just across town is also very important.  Much more business is done between small business people locally.  Files via email are too limited.

– Many restaurants are advertising free WiFi to attract mobile professionals.  I know many who choose one particular chain because they all have free WiFi.  If bandwidth is more available, then more free wifi can be offered and supported.

– The many users of free WiFi in all its forms will be getting iPads to use in schools, businesses, hotels, conference centers and tourist attractions.  This will increase the demand for supporting bandwidth.

– There are co-offices, shared-offices, and micro-offices in the area.  Small companies and startups lease a cube or single office for their work.  These will benefit heavily from Google Fiber. Not the least benefit will be hosting their own sites while on shoestring budgets.  The local entrepreneur centers are also interested in how Google Fiber will help budding companies.

– Backups could finally be made offsite via Google Fiber.  I worked on endless numbers of these in-office and people bemoan the difficulty of automatic off-site backups with the slow internet upload speeds.  With Google Fiber, I have no doubt that existing or new backup firms would appear locally to service our companies and homes at the highest possible speed.

– a friend pointed out to me that schools and services for the Deaf here would benefit greatly from high speed for doing sign language via video.  (Google Maps shows entries when searching for “deaf”.)  Perhaps you can help develop Google technologies for them while you are here.

– GAMES – When I mentioned the fiber speeds to my son, he responded with “think of the games”.   At first I rolled my eyes on this.  But later I began to see that he was on to something (by accident, but I’ll give him credit.)  Electronic Arts is headquartered just north of Orlando.  And many small game companies have sprung up around it. (I’ve interviewed with some for iPhone development.)   If the best network environment for games was in EA’s own backyard, the development and testing could take a whole new turn.  I’ve heard that some game companies were experimenting with rendering at the central server and shipping the resulting video frames via the net.  That and other things could go into high-gear right here.  Small game startup companies would have an easier time with your network here.

I also understand that latency is a bigger issue for real-time online games than megabytes per second.  This is also an issue for the many FileMaker databases deployed here.   With home and offices so close in network terms on Google Fiber, I expect that games and work will be much much better.  Gamers will have more fun.  Workers will get more done. (And then have more time for games.)

Did I mention the schools teaching gaming here?  We have Full-Sail, DAVE School, and many other local colleges teaching gaming and related fields.  Many of these same students are hired by defense companies for work in simulators for the military.  Others are hired by the movie industry.

– Travelers

What better way to improve the demand for high-speed networks around the country and around the world than to let people experience them personally?  If Google Fiber was available in the hotel rooms and conference centers, visitors for fun and business could see what real speed feels like.

Plus, the travelers could access all their Google cloud services at the highest possible speeds.  Will they like Google docs better at high speed?  Then demand it when they get home?  Workers traveling on business talk about how fast they finished tasks. Kids talk about the speed of the games.  Everyone sees how quickly they can share their pictures and videos.  Podcasters love covering conferences here because they can stream audio and video so clearly.

And the travelers can get back to their hotel rooms, sit down and pick a show from the online video providers. (Including YouTube and GoogleTV).

In Addition, there are a huge number of conferences here.  Many are tech conferences. Many are business conferences.  Some are entertainment conferences.  While at the “MegaCon” recently,  I saw a huge number of people with similar interest and passion for what they enjoyed.   On my way out,  I thought I should suggest that an Orlando Fiber campaign slogan could be “Google Fiber should come to Orlando, because here, characters are welcome.”

This area has a large number of technology volunteer groups.  Googling for “Orlando User Group” returns listings for a lot of groups.  Many are web technology groups for professionals, some are for consumers.  I’ve seen groups for iPhone developers and users, Ruby developers, PHP, .NET, WordPress, Drupal, Java, Flash, SQL, FileMaker, Python, and many more.  They meet and discuss issues for their industries, including bandwidth.

The FileMaker User Group (known as FMPUG.com) is headquartered in Orlando.  The group has branched out to local chapters all over the world. FileMaker has had its developers conference in Orlando as well.  I have met a surprising number of FileMaker consultants here.  Many are self-employed.  One recently moved to Australia and still services Orlando customers via the internet.

Interesting local firms work in :

– home automation

– recycling

– mobile-phone / smart-phone software

– smart phone hardware accessories

– prosthetics

– stilts (patented)

– puppets (some Henson crew members live here I’m told)

– special WiFi hubs – to give local devices GPS information, or just allow gaming

In recent discussions, I have compared Google Fiber to Clayton Christensen’s “disruptive technology” from “Innovator’s Dilemma”.  I’ve also pointed out to many people that Bell’s telephone company started life sending voice signals just across town. It was worthwhile to customers just for that, but it soon improved to long distance and took the market out from under Western Union.

A lot of people I’ve met use Google cloud services in one form or another.  Even my wife, who is computer challenged, has used services such as Google Docs to share important files with her fellow teachers.

We have a lot to gain by getting Google Fiber, thus we have a lot to lose by letting it go somewhere else.  Our civic leaders have heard from me that we should treat this as bidding for the olympics, not winning the lottery.  It will be a huge asset for communities willing to spend heavily to get it.

I’ve been told that defense and space industries here have declined a bit in last few years.  If you have a Google office here, perhaps you can hire up the tech talent being laid off from those industries.  (Maybe get you a great deal on Google Satellites for mapping and other projects.) 🙂

And as a friend said to me:  “Deliver network connections with glass fibers in the lightning capital of the United States….Good Idea.”


Skit  “Progress”

Picture the boss coming into Bob’s office.  Bob is sitting still looking at the screen.

Boss:  Hey Bob, I need you to email the contract changes to the client as soon as possible.

Bob: Sure thing Boss,  as soon as these system updates get finished and I can use my computer again.

(Boss Enters Victoria’s office)

Boss:  Victoria, how did the changes to the advertising videos work out?

Victoria:  The files are still downloading, so I haven’t been able to look them over yet.   I’ll let you know as soon as I can get them.

(Boss Enters Mark’s office)

Boss:  Hey Mark,  how’s our new marketing web site looking?

Mark:  Not so hot.  I keep having problems with some of the stuff on the page.   The design firm says its all there and it works fine for them, but I can’t see it.  They say something’s wrong on our end.

(Boss goes to his own desk and starts to work on his computer.)

Announcer:   Is slow internet infrastructure really slowing your business down?   Get on board with the Google Fiber initiative and help add super-fast internet access to Orlando at GetGoogling.com

Announcer:  Because progress should look like this:

(Pictures of happy people working, contracts being signed, ground-breaking ceremonies, ribbon-cutting ceremonies, or vacations at the beach.)

Announcer:   Not Like This

(Picture of Progress-Bar on a computer screen)



Darth Vader against Google Fiber

(Picture of Darth Vader, choking his victim by hand or by force, potentially surrounded by Storm Troopers)

Darth:  You will not allow Google to turn any more fiber from the DARK SIDE!!


Bill and Ted’s Excellent Fiber

(debated whether this was any good outside San Dimas, California)

Bill and Ted announce their new video to  bring Google Fiber to Orlando, Fl.

Bill and Ted also announce that to make it easier for Google to use fiber, they have come up with a way run it to the homes.  They will glue it to the center of the street and paint the road lines over it.  That way the paint truck can put down the fiber and the paint at the same time.  And if a car accident breaks a cable, they can just use another one to bring signals in from another direction because there are so many fibers all over the place.