I Initially imagined this as being similar to the TV ad the Ghostbusters played in the original Ghostbuster movie. I imagined a voice like Dan Aykroyd’s speaking rapidly, but there might not be enough text for it to be that rapid. It was also inspired by our recent trip to MegaCon.

Announcer:   Does Your Internet Service Provider make you feel like you are driving this vehicle on the information super-highway?

(Picture of the Flintstone’s car. In this case, the real-life model shown at MegaCon, since a modern person could be shown driving it rather than just Fred in a cartoon version.)

Announcer:   Do you feel the need?  The need for SPEED?

(Picture of the Mach 5 from the “Speed Racer” TV show. The real version shown at MegaCon since a modern person can also be shown in it. See  TheRealMach5.com website.)

Announcer (or group of Ghostbusters people):   Who Ya Gonna Call !?

(Picture of the Ghostbusters’ vehicle, preferably with people dressed as GhostBusters.  See  PalmCoastGhostbusters.com.)

Crowd or group yells:   Google  Fiber!!