I’ve been telling people for a while that one of the unsung benefits of the iTunes App Store is having Apple’s lawyers on your side when a patent troll shows up. (Even the most staunch Microsoft-only shop seems to respect Apple’s lawyers.)

I just pointing out my own supposition based on things like Apple getting the one-click patent rights with Amazon and the endless articles out there that detail the patent troll strategy of getting lots of small companies to settle before taking on bigger companies.

Now, this ZDNet article talks about Apple stepping up to protect its developers from just such patent suits:

Of course,  Apple (and any other app store) may have to work harder to get those kinds of broad licenses in the future.

Maybe one day,  Apple, Microsoft, Google and the rest of us will ban together to just buy out patent trolls in bulk and put the patents into a non-profit that charges a reasonable yearly fee to cover the costs of the buyouts and licenses.   (The publicly traded trolls sometimes have a lower market cap than a single lawsuit.)  Somehow that seems more likely than our government doing something about it.