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Preventing a goto fail (part 2)

I’ve been interviewing candidates lately, which has made me think about everyday things in terms of screening/interviewing questions. Perhaps then a good question for an iOS developer is “How would you prevent a goto-fail situation?”.

Of course, “braces” comes up first, and compiler options may come up second, so let’s change that to “Aside from braces and compiler settings, how would you prevent a goto-fail situation?”.

Over the last few days, I’ve been reversing my role to think how I would answer that from an interviewer.  The idea that occurs to me the most boils down to “defensive coding” or “best practices and standards”. Now that’s way too vague.  As an interviewer I would ask for details.  I’m sure any practiced interviewer would.

For me, the biggest problem with the goto-fail code is the assumption of success until failure throughout the instructions. In critical code, it is better to assume failure until success is specifically reached.  Read the rest of this entry »

Interview Questions to Ask an iOS Developer

“What annoys you about Xcode?”

The most important part of the candidate’s answer is how fast they candidate give it.  Someone who has used any development environment for a while will want something improved.  (You do too, don’t you?)  The more passionate the feelings about the annoyance, the faster it will come to mind from the question.

A coworker and I worked out this question while doing phone screenings.  We wanted to find a way to rapidly determine experience levels.

What do you think?