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Licensure Exams Inc.

Company Website:

Licensure’s primary business is preparing and selling practice exams for people studying for professional certification exams.  Their iPhone applications are a nice complement to their website and books.  The Apps allow their customers to study anytime and anywhere they have their iPhone or iPod Touch and a free moment.

iTunes page for up-to-date list of all Licensure products

QuizMo – this multiple-choice quizzing engine allows Licensure to quickly build iPhone products by simply filling in questions, answers, and icons from the database that already powers their website and book production.  Since only the questions, answers and icons change, testing of code for each app is minimized.   QuizMo is currently on its 3rd version with each adding features to the one before.  We took over the QuizMo project mid-production after the departure of an online contractor. We finished the basic functionality and aided Licensure in delivering the product to the App Store.

Flashcard – After QuizMo had recovered enough of its development cost, we built this quizzing engine on a flash-card premise.  Like QuizMo, it takes its question-answers sets from the existing database, and needs only product icons and product information to be shippable.

A partial list of Licensure’s exams:

  • CRC Exam Pro (Certified Rehabilitation Counseling)
  • SLP Exam Pro (Speech Language Pathology)
  • School Psychology Exam Pro
  • NCE Exam Pro (National Counseling Exam)
  • MFT Exam Pro (Marriage & Familly Therapy)
  • Social Work Exam Pro

Pool Pro Office Inc.

Company Website:

Pool Pro Office makes construction project management products for the swimming pool industry.  Reaching into the iPhone market helped them distinguish themselves and has helped their customers to reach out in ways never available to them before.  The “Personal Touch Assistant” iPhone App

iTunes page for all PoolPro products

Personal Touch Assistant – is an engine which allows PoolPro to produce additions to their project management solution for each customer.  Their customer can then have an app which functions as a digital portfolio to help gain the interest of potential customers, then aid communication with the customer through the sales and construction phases of the project.  Later it will aid communication with the customer by providing digital copies of all the manuals for pools, spas, pump motors, controls and show photos of proper valve settings so customers who opt for manual controls can change and restore valve settings immediately without the need to phone the company support lines.