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Finding Xcode’s Pre-defined Macros for iOS Devices

I regret not making better notes about exactly why I was looking for a full list of the pre-defined macros Apple made available for iOS development.  I usually like starting an entry talking about why I was trying to solve a particular problem.  While I made a note to write up what I found, I did not note why I needed it at the time.  Assuming you are reading this because you need or might need such a thing, I’ll write on.

Some of the pre-defined macros are published in Apple’s documentation, but not all.  (Well, as far as I remember anyway.)  I feel the most confident that I didn’t miss one that could solve a problem when I get the list from the compiler itself.

While searching the internet I found instructions to use

I changed ‘i386’ to ‘armv6’ and ‘armv7’ but that failed on my setup.  I don’t really know if I messed something up in the /Developer folder or if this line just generally won’t work for ARM.

The error message mentioned a missing file and after finding it, I changed the above command to this:

For Xcode 3.2.5:

For Xcode 4.2.1

Change the “armv6” to “armv7” and vice-versa as needed.

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Need to Link to an iTunes property?

Writing that blog entry or article and need to link to something on iTunes?  Just use the iTunes Link Maker:

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Article on iPhone as Gaming Platform

The iPhone Website has an interesting article about how iPhone devices are taking a bigger and bigger percentage of the mobile video game market each year, going from 5% in 2008 to 19% in 2009. The article asks if the readers have given up mobile platforms to consolidate on iPhone devices (which includes iPod Touch and soon iPad.)

It wasn’t a surprise to me to move to gaming on the iPhone after seeing so many others pick up gaming with it.  What surprised me was my son putting down his GameBoy DS and using the iPod Touch almost full time.  He is now able to play new games practically every day (when I approve the games and homework is complete.)  I’ve given him a bit of an allowance to buy some, but he’s going with freebies mostly.

For his birthday, he’s asked for his own iPod Touch and iTunes account so he can get what he wants.  We’ll have to see how the parental controls work out for the account, but he’ll probably get the iPod Touch.

For me, this brought up memories of reading “The Innovator’s Dilemma” by Clayton Christensen (professor of Harvard Business school.)  The “disruptive technologies” always start out small and ignored by the leading firms in the field. It also starts out as being less than the main customers need or want, but grows quickly into the space where the customer feels it is “good enough”.

I think iPhone fits the bill.

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Amazon e-Book share to fall from 90% to 35%, Analyst Says

Thoughts started by Wall Street Journal’s blogger Matt Phillips’ article.

Always interesting to try and predict what the future holds… My opinion: eBooks will be BIG. Now why?(disclosure: I am an iPhone developer. I gave my science-teacher wife a Kindle for her birthday.)

Have we any reason to think that paper prices won’t keep increasing? Aren’t paper prices heavily influenced by energy prices, labor prices and plain old demand? (Retail price of 1 sheet of cheap copy paper is nearing 1 cent in my area.) Just the raw paper material and shipping it around will make it more expensive.

Isn’t much of the book industry basically an impulse-driven market? eBooks are fantastic for such a market. The trivial shipping costs of internet data may it easy to give away free sample chapters and give instant gratification to buyers. People who Read the rest of this entry »

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Apple’s Announcement

So the conjecture goes on and on, giving pundits, reporters and analysts a solid 2-months of employment (1 before, 1 after.)  Why am I adding to the noise?  I suppose so I can point to the blog and say “I did think of that before Apple announced it.” sigh.

So what could it be?  The folks who know ain’t talking. (Much)  But I wonder….

Apple had made quite a market of entertainment in the last few years. And only recently have they made an unexpected splash in Read the rest of this entry »

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Apple Announces “Highest Earnings Ever”

In Apple’s earnings announcement, for fiscal 2010’s first quarter, they revealed a profit of 3.38 BILLION (with a “B”) dollars.  (Up from $2.26 Billion one year ago.) How many companies can say they went UP over 1 BILLION dollars in one year in a down economy?

They sold

3.36 Million Macs (up 33% from last year)
8.7 Million iPhones (up 100%)
21.0 Million iPods (down 8%)
And of course, they are to make a big announcement of a new product tomorrow (Jan 26, 2010).


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