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FileMaker Server 9 to 10 upgrade

Some experience from FileMaker Server 9 to 10:

  1. Get an FMS 9 installer so it can be uninstalled before installing FMS 10.
  2. Be prepared to re-set ownership of your “use additional database folder”.

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Prevent Quarantine on Archives from getting Expanded

Today I had a problem which I thought was related to having the extended attribute on a folder with a large number of files and subfolders.

In the end, I had removed the quarantine from them all (topic for another post).  It wasn’t the source of the problem at hand, but it did wind up with an important lesson:  remove quarantine from any .zip file before decompressing it.  Apple’s “Archive Utility” (the program that does the decompression) will maintain the quarantine attribute through every file, directory, and sub-directory.

If you’ve got a directory with a huge number of files set with this, look for my blog post on removing them all.

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Computer Detective: Case of the Reluctant Printer Driver

It was a dark and stormy night.  Well in the office around the misbehaving Mac anyway.   Outside was bright and sunny. A typical day here.

(OK, no more novel-noir)

I had been called in to help install printer drivers on a new Mac Laptop (running 10.5.2).  The good folks at the company had done everything right in trying to install them, but they never worked.   A quick re-try showed me that the description on the phone had been correct. The installation reported no errors, but the printer was still unusable. Read the rest of this entry »

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