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Favorite Quote 7

“It is very difficult to write simple code”  – Sang Kim


Favorite Quotes 6

“The only thing you can safely assume is that it is unsafe to assume anything.” – Walt Sellers

I recently wrote this while discussing things with a colleague.  Eric Rodriguez-Diaz long ago taught me to challenge my assumptions. I now believe that bad assumptions are a large part of most of the bugs in code.

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Favorite Quotes 5

“Any computer is fast enough, as long as it can get started early enough to finish what you want at the moment you realize you want it.”  – Walt Sellers

(Heh,  OK,  maybe it is a conflict of interest to quote myself.  But I do use this statement that I made up when I hear people complain about the speed of their chosen computer.)


Favorite Quotes 4

“C” gains much of its vaunted efficiency by employing a very powerful pre-processor, normally referred to as a “programmer.”
-unknown author – possibly  Gharlane of Eddore  (aka David G. Potter)


Favorite Quotes 3

“In theory there is no difference between practice and theory, but in practice there is.”
-unknown author


Favorite Quotes 2

“There are a million ways to lose a work day, but not even a single way to
get one back.”
-Tom DiMarco and Timothy Lister in “PeopleWare: Productive Projects and Teams”


Favorite Quotes 1

“Potential is nice, but you don’t get kinetic until some work is done”   – Ellen Sellers, science teacher, speaking about energy, but making us think all the same