Another XCode bug brought to light thanks to the product “Little Snitch” (mentioned in my phone-home post),  I sometimes see a notice that XCode is trying to connect to the SSH port on an IP address I no longer use.   I can’t make it stop.   I just hope that whoever has the address now doesn’t track me down and send the Feds.  (That would be like worrying about a snowflake in a blizzard I’m sure.)

XCode was once setup to connect to my home IP address to get to the Subversion server I had there.  At a certain point I stopped using that server and started using repositories on my laptop because now I’m often unable to connect back to the house. (And because I wanted to shutoff the massive tower to lower my massive electric bill. )

I removed the IP address from my list of repositories under SCM Preferences, and the address is not listed under the SSH tab in that preference pane either.  A search of the XCode preference file turned up empty.  But somewhere that address is still remembered by XCode.

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