Today I wanted to take a few minutes and update the rest of the links on the site to this nice new blog setup. It didn’t take long to change all the links on the pages to the new URL, but I wanted to do more.

I was trying to see how I could redirect the old static blog page to WordPress.  I quickly found some tips which said to NOT use redirects from HTML as they had been too abused by spammers.  Instead I decided to use the tips for using .htaccess, since my site is hosted on Linux with Apache.

The example for redirecting URLs with to worked immediately and nicely, however the instructions I found for using the “Redirect 301 oldpage full-newpage-URL” did not work.  My browsers quickly reported “too many redirect” errors.

As it turns out, my settings in WordPress had been read redirecting to So I did have an infinite loop of redirects.

A quick change in the “Settings” page and the “WordPress address (URL)”  and “Blog Address (URL)” were both using “www.” in the URL and working fine with the .htaccess settings.

Of course, now I’m way beyond “a few minutes”.